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Why Custom Branding is Now a Requirement for Professional Social Media Pages

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Almost every business in today’s digital world, aims to establish an online and social media presence. Doing so cannot be done without the use of custom branding which should be one of the most substantial and integral parts of each online marketing strategy, with the help of a graphic designer. Having consistent and polished branding is not only good marketing, but it is also good business.

Social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or even your blog, are points of contact with your potential customers. It would be unwise to ignore the pivotal role sites such as Facebook play in online marketing in 2013. Your Facebook profile can even determine whether someone is going to choose to do business with you or not. You need to start investing in your company’s branding from the very early stages of the life of your business to ensure that your brand’s image is fresh and up to date.

In 2013, the most popular social media sites are Facebook and Twitter. The main reason companies use Facebook and Twitter these days is to most importantly connect with their target audience and to hopefully convert their visitors into loyal followers. The best way to promote your brand on Facebook is to get your visitors to “Like your site,” so that they keep visiting your profile on a regular basis. Every day, millions of people living in various parts of the world spend at least one hour or even more per day on Facebook, and other similar sites. Most of them stumble upon the profiles of some of the biggest companies out there, such as the profile of Nutella. Nutella’s Facebook page is an excellent example of branding that demonstrates the highest levels of professionalism in social media. After visiting the profile, everybody should feel encouraged to get the taste of “The best Hazelnut spread in the world!”

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