Why Creatives Should Choose Apple Mac?

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Mac or PC? That is the question…well, if you are working in the creative industry, or perhaps you have a passion for design or photography, you don’t have to think about it too much, and here’s why…

The question regarding which brand, model or make of computer suits better the needs of a creative, is extremely important and a number of factors should be considered before arriving at a conclusion. But generally speaking, it is known that Apple Mac better suits the needs of the creative industries, such as graphic designers or photographers and PC’s are better suited for the business world.

Some of the reasons that why designers should choose Apple Mac are:

The first reason is that the operating system of Apple Mac rarely becomes infected and is resistant to all types of known viruses.

The second reason is that it can handle large and complex graphic files much better than a PC.

Macs have better software suited for artists, whether it be graphic design, video production, animation, photography or music.

Macs are known to be more reliable than PC’s.

For instance, graphics, colours, font variety and image clarity are important factors to be considered when you are working in the graphic design industry. Having a computer which works well with these four factors is vital in the operations of a successful design business. Apple Mac color calibration display is more accurate and configurable, and can also render images a lot faster than a PC. Apple Mac is more design focussed because it has software that have been designed specifically for creative purposes — as well as programs in-built that come with part of the package, such as; iPhoto and Garage Band to name a few — not to mention the App Store readily available.

Some of the best professional apps are specific only to Mac’s — TextMate, BBEdit, Final Cut Pro, Reason, etc are the apps that are available and specifically designed. Using a Mac is less time consuming and less frustrating due to the fact that short cuts and function buttons are available, on the newer models, Launch Pad works with multiple screens that you can flick across and choose your application, a similar layout to that of the iPad.

A lot of expert garphic designers advise that creative people, designers, photographers, animators etc should invest in an Apple Mac because they are best suited for the functionality and practicality of these industries. The wonderful inventions, that we call Macs, are designed keeping in mind the requirements of the artist — not to mention they look great too! By choosing an Apple Mac, this will help you save both time and money if you want to excel in your creative field and produce quality work, efficiently, you cannot go wrong.



  1. The main reason apple macs are used throughout the DTP industry is partly because of apples legacy with adobe, but mainly because windows doesn’t render fonts ‘true to print’. Quartz rendering is frankly superior to cleartype in this regard.

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