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What Is Responsive Design?

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Attain Response With Responsive Design

Responsive design diversifies and optimizes page layouts and designs of a website to market them fit for the dimensions of the screen for different devices. In today’s society, people are not just limited to PC or laptops, people now carry the internet world in their pockets with the introduction of mobile smart phones and tablets. With this technique, it is easy for web designers to set up various layouts, thus providing a user-friendly interface. The web designers and developers can use responsive design to build a website that is compatible on all the devices. It has the ability to detect the size of the screen and adapt the format accordingly. 

Using responsive designs attracts the traffic in a number of ways:

FLEXIBILITY: Websites have the ability to adapt according to the screen size of the gadget. The audience and readers should be able to easily navigate through the pages of website without any difficulty — displaying a seamless design. The images and the content of the website can be regularly maintained and updated.

COST-EFFECTIVE: Since designers no longer need to develop website for every device separately, responsive design does not get too heavy on your marketing/advertising and design budgets. It’s latest tools allow the online and digital designs to flow through all formats, thus cutting down the prices.

A graphic and web designer can do a great deal with responsive designs, the possibilities are endless! Responsive design offers a wide range of applications as well the importance of interactivity for users, such as the following (to name a few):

J-QUERY: J–query is of great utility for the web designers and developers. A huge range of plugins allows you to make responsive website a lot more efficient and productive. Plugins such as elastislide, fitvids, supersized, etc are some that are generally used.

MEDIA QUERY: This is most effectively used by designers to adjust the layout with respect to the width and height of the screen. The logic behind using this is that almost all the major websites support this technology.

Developing a website with responsive design would be an added benefit to your online business. A hassle-free navigation tool would open up the possibilities for potential clients and customers to view and contact your business, on any device.


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  1. It is definitely true that in this age as website owners we need to be properly catering for the smart phone users. I am finding that more and more of my active users are utilising phones or tablets, and as a result I decided to take the leap to create my own web app. I would highly recommend that other website owners at least consider using responsive design, and maybe invest the time + effort as it is more than worth it.

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