Time Management Tips for Creatives and Designers

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In this fast paced world, it is a common complaint that there is ‘not enough time in the day’ to do the things you want or need to do — that there is ‘less time’. For this reason time management is extremely important for anyone looking to be successful in their efforts, be it study, business or in daily life. Earlier time management was considered important for the businessmen only, however nowadays, time management is important for everyone — especially creatives and designers, working on multiple design projects with strict deadlines to work towards. Did you know that time management benefits both the mental as well as the physical health of the individuals?

Time management techniques are not fixed — nor is there a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to create more time. The specific techniques that suit you and your work profile or lifestyle the best, should be selected and practiced on a consistent and regular basis. This may take some time to experiment with different methods of practice and ideas for managing your time better. All of us practice time management in one way or the other, but it is how we choose to maximize the effectiveness of the methods thus employed that often needs attention. Time management techniques help increase the productivity of creative thinking. If your time is managed properly then in theory, there is more chance that you can relax and you will be able to perform at your best in a comfortable manner.

Some Effective Time Management Tips are as follows:

1. Set the goals that you have to achieve: If your goals are predetermined and thought out, then you will have a sense of direction and clarity. Only then you will be able to allow for specific time frames to specific tasks. If you plan your time properly with the thought in mind of reaching and achieving your goals, then most likely, you will be on your way to having an effective and well-thought out structure and plan in place.

2. Complete your work on the basis of preparation and priority: The work that is important, should be allocated and completed on priority basis. It is always good to get into a habit of writing an orderly list, your priorities for a specific time frame, daily. What is urgent? What can wait until tomorrow? A diary can also be kept to plan your day, week and month. However, please note - do not overload yourself and your mind with endless ‘to do’ lists …  Both short term and long term priorities should be set and they can be linked to each other. This will help you complete the work on time, in an efficient, organised and successful manner.

3. Get things off your mind: It is important to clear and free your mind of all the other thoughts, feelings that may cloud or consume your creative thought process. You have to allow yourself to get in the right state of mind, to enhance your creativity and productivity. Whether it is writing down your thoughts in your journal, on a list or post-it notes, be sure to never use your mind as a storage device.

4. Allow for relaxation, sleep and family time: While setting goals and implementing your plans, you should also be kept aside because, if you are relaxed and happy, then you will be able to concentrate and focus more — leading to better performance at both work and your daily lifestyle.

5. Don’t be easily distracted: Designers, when it is time to get in the creative mode,  switch off your social media profiles, hundreds of unread emails, turn your phone to silent and focus on the task at hand. You have to be able to minimise your interruptions and distractions to make the most of your time and complete your work efficiently. Don’t get me wrong, there are a select group who work well with a million things going on a once, music blaring and phones ringing, but honestly this is not for everyone!

Time management, if practiced properly and consistently, will help you to become satisfied with your life, love and career. Proper time management tips reduces stress,  improves health and will enable you to become efficient and effective at work. This will ultimately help you and your business achieve your goals and rise towards an orderly, efficient and productive environment. These time management tips are extremely useful and important for the designers and creatives to help them increase their productivity.





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