The Importance of the Creative Brief

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What makes the creative brief so important for designers?

The creative brief is an important part of any graphic designer’s creative process - it is the key element that the creative team understand what the client wants, which will then provide direction for the initial design phase, called ideation.

A creative brief should be short, concise and to the point, yet at the same time it should clearly spell out the most relevant and important information about the project, the challenge, what is the desired solution and of course, the goals for the assignment. 

A creative brief is produced as a primary resource for the creative team, which can be created by the Creative Director or Account Executive, after gaining feedback from the client about the specific project. The creative brief is then passed on to the Art Directors, Copywriters and Graphic Designers who are all involved in the creation and development project — with a clear understanding about what they have to do and what the ideal outcome should be — whether it is an emotion, response or action from the desired target market. The information thus provided by the client therefore, should be clear and accurate, to avoid any miscommunication, stress or waste or time, effort and budget.

A client creative brief should include; client information (client’s company history, state of their industry, products/services they offer, competition analysis and basic contact information), objectives of the project, target audience, project information and logistics. The objectives of the project should be clearly defined, so that they can be accomplished. Logistics can include client’s budget, project timeline and production schedules to name a few.

An honest, clear and direct creative brief is imperative for a successful design strategy, so that the project is understood clearly by the creative team as well as the client. 

To help you have a better understanding of the information generally required by graphic designers, please click the link below to view my personal creative brief design form, in which my past clients have utilised and benefited from.

Click the link here to submit your creative brief –> Creative Brief for Designz by Jamz 




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