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The Importance of Graphic Design to Promote Fashion Labels

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To get into major retailers, fashion weeks, runway shows and more, a fashion designer requires a strong brand to sell a label. To create a strong brand image, fashion designers need promotional items that send a powerful message, one that complements the clothing or accessories in the fashion line. This is where the importance of graphic design to promote fashion labels should be an essential part of your team and marketing plans.

Make no mistake; it’s no secret that fashion designers know a quite a bit about design. They are trained in colour, lines and angles etc. They know how to catch the eye with fabric, seams and finer details. So, it would seem that fashion designers could create their own publicity pieces, without the need of a graphic designer, right? Well, even though fashion designers know a lot about design through fabric, they can lack the knowledge on how to grab attention through printed and promotional products as well as the important techniques and methods of designing in graphic design software such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator etc.

A professional graphic designer understands how to combine vital design elements such as visual hierarchy, colour and typography to draw attention to a designer’s label through clever look-book designs, swing tag designs, flyers, business cards, catalogues and much more. This will also benefit the fashion designer as it will save them time, so they can do what they do best: create raw materials into unique fashion collections.

Plus, a graphic designer will be able to pull all of your print promotional items into one cohesive message, giving your label a brand identity that will be recognized by the public and potential customers.

You wouldn’t let a graphic designer create your line, so it doesn’t make sense to let a fashion designer create your promotions. Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and Diane Von Furstenberg don’t design their own print promotions. So why not hire a designer, such as Designz by Jamz to assist in the advertising, marketing and promotional aspect of your business for impressive graphic design materials that will boost your label and collections shine in and outside of the runway!

We have experience designing business cards, swing tags, look books, flyers, catalogues and much more for the fashion world. For more information on fashion and graphic designs, please contact our Creative Director

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  1. I watch Project Runway every season and I wish they would cover this at some point or another. Stop making dresses out of duck tape and learn what really sells the merchandise. In many cases, it’s not the fashion design, it’s the graphic design.

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