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Staying On Top Of Graphic Design Trends

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Creatives or designers must keep up to date and understand graphic design trends in the effort to stay fresh, relevant and unique. Seeking out and creating that new trend is always more popular than being a follower — don’t you want your designs to stand out from the crowd? However, for a designer to innovate, they must know what elements, fonts and design technique are currently popular within the industry of design. JamzDesignz always researches the latest in design concepts and trends in an effort to produce fresh designs and pleasing visuals. Here is an inside scope into some of the trends that we are looking into:

new ebay logo1. Back to Minimalism

Logo’s for today’s most popular brands for example: Google, eBay, and Starbucks have removed the excess and focused on what is most important – their name. Keeping it simple lets companies easily swap backgrounds and still have a classy looking image.

2. The Geometric Renaissance

In recent years, many designers have opted for hand drawn styles. Not anymore, as digital designers are fighting back by creating more precise geometric designs. The work directly contrasts that of their hand drawn predecessors, leading to sharp, crisp, edgy works of art.

3. Let’s Get Trippy

Now this is not about the 1960’s black light posters in your parent’s basement. Designers are looking to collage vintage imagery to create intriguing pieces. This means taking shots from the 40’s and 50’s, manipulating them digitally, and then repurposing.

4. All Hail the Gif

New innovations are giving rise to a form of design that was not possible just a few years ago. File formats such as Gifs, which play a series of images, are redefining what is possible in digital design and animation — used where most people do not realise it is possible, such as your profile image on social media sites.

5. Loud and Proud

Or, big and bold depending on how you are feeling. Designers across the world are adopting large designs, patterns such as stripes, and bold colours to highlight brands. Perhaps it is the spring season or optimism driving the trend, but we here at JamzDesignz love what is happening. 

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  1. I think that is something that a lot of companies need to think about. Maybe refreshing their older logos as the times change.

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