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Personalise, Design and Brand Your Occasion

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Are you hosting an event or party? Do you have creative graphic design invitations that will leave a long-lasting impression to attract and interest your guests?

For the month of April, Designz by Jamz is offering businesses, fashion designers and individuals an opportunity to Design And Brand Your Occasion at discounted graphic design prices. Simply contact us, to find out more information.

The design of your invitations or announcements, whether it is for an event, birthday, fashion show, fundraiser or corporate function, should stand out, appeal to your audience and be one to remember — a design and invitation that people talk about and generate a positive energy or ‘buzz’ about it. This can all be made possible if you utilise the help of a professional graphic designer, such as Designz by Jamz — who can provide you with the creative services to customise, personalise, design and ‘brand your occasion’ in a more effective and stylised way.

Designz by Jamz not only provides corporate design ideas, we can also provide services to design for specific and personalised invitation concepts. As we all know, there are those special moments in our lifetime that should be remembered, embraced and treasured forever. Special events such as; weddings, birthdays and baby showers are all significant moments of an individuals’ life. Utilising the creative talents of a professional graphic designer is an important aspect to be considered, in fact, Designz by Jamz help you in a number of ways by applying our vast graphic design/branding knowledge and skills to give your message a unique, designed and branded tone of voice … Your voice.

The style and layout of the invitation cards, color and the choice of paper to be used are some of the important factors that can add a difference to make an invitation attractive. Graphic designers are more familiar with these terms and concepts, therefore can make the most out of them, in order to take away that stress away from you. Allow Designz by Jamz to assist you through our creative process and journey.

Other events such as parties, fashion events, promotional events and business events all require invitations which should be targeted, specialised and stylish to attract more individuals to the event. Designz by Jamz, provides quality graphic design services at affordable prices — allowing invitation design to be accessible for any business, company or individual.

Everyone deserves to have an invitation design that they are proud of, one that they feel confident sending out to their guests. It is important to consider hiring a creative graphic designer, such as Designz by Jamz, to help personalise, design and brand your occasion to not only make it memorable, but to make it your own.

Additional service:

Designz by Jamz now offers photography for events, fundraisers, shows, fashion, realestate and more — so you can truly capture the memories of your event from invitation designs to professional photos of the event — start to finish!  

If this interests you and you would like to find out more information about how Designz by Jamz can assist with your event, please contact Jamie Carter HERE or email us at 

design and brand your occasion

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