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If you work in the creative or graphic design industries, and you’re like me and you tend to carry a world of colours and ideas everywhere you go in your trusted note pad … I’m thinking it’s time to upgrade! The ever evolving and improving latest technology offers a variety of options when it comes to the digital hand-held tablet for mobile design. Currently the market offers several brands, however two of the most well-known are the Samsung Galaxy Tab (or Galaxy Note Tab) and the Apple iPad. The million dollar question is… Samsung or Apple? Which will display my creative work and graphic design portfolio in the best possible light, when showing prospective clients? Designz by Jamz has provided a head start of some pros and cons of each gadget to think about before making a purchase. 


Some Positives To Consider:

* The system runs on android 3.1 honeycomb that allows you to access over 2 million applications — allows for the optimum customisation of your tablet’s interface
* Supports GSM services which is a prominent feature to make calls on your tablet
* Hypersonic1.0 GHz tera 20 dual core processor
* Huge memory of 16 GB and 3G for multitasking — work more efficiently 
* The pixel display (1,280 x 800) is higher than that of the iPad 2 (1,024 x 768 pixels)
* HD video and excellent reputation for its display technology - great for showcasing slideshows of your latest design portfolio
8* .0 megapixel camera with LED flash and 2 megapixel front camera — take sharp photos of your design work
* microSD card slot 
* Thin and light weight — easy to carry wherever you go.

Some Negatives To Consider:

* The Tab 2.0 endured just over five hours of continuous video playback, and about four and a half hours of web browsing
* Battery backup - battery is not user accessible
* Front-facing camera was downgraded to VGA resolution from 2MP


Some Positives To Consider:
* Marvelous graphics — great to show off your latest designs
* Crystal clear video and visuals
* Magnificent touch screen sensitivity
*4G models ensure connectivity is rarely an issue
* Prolonged 10-hour battery life — great for a long day out and about
* All-inclusive range of applications

Some Negatives To Consider:

* Poor camera quality
* Can not make calls
* Multitasking is slow and tedious
* No USB ports
* File management is still pretty bad and the iPad needs Safari and Flash to run YouTube etc.

iPad VS Samsung Galaxy

You must also be thinking — what is an advantage for graphic designers? Since both the tablets offer a wide range of creative applications, Samsung is a winner in this race, due to the fact  it runs on the android system, which allows a creative soul a large sphere to work in to customise your tablet’s interface just how you want to design it. Now when we have set side by side the pros and cons of both the tablets, it can be concluded that Samsung Tablet wins the race. Offering a platform whereby you can perform multitasking operations. Being a graphic designer you may have to look through several sites to get the desired fonts and images or inspiration for your design projects, and at the same time you may have to create initial sketches for a masterpiece of your work using the tablet’s drawing pen.

Aspiring graphic designers can work on various apps such as:


Colour Schemer

Sketch Book

Photo Touch

Paper Camera

Without a doubt, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet grants you with a tremendous range of applications to create a  amazing works of art, that displays even better. Arrange your designs systematically in the gallery to showcase your talents and work to your friends, family, colleagues and of course potential clients all on the go, in the palm of your hand. Isn’t technology amazing?


  1. I have to admit, I have both. I use my ipad for a lot of my writing jobs and my galaxy is my workhorse. I really like them both and they both have some really useful features that make them better at different tasks.

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