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How Custom Stationery Designs Benefit Your Business

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Branding. You’ve probably heard the word numerous times, but what does it mean to you? It means that when a client sees anything of yours, through effective recognition, they know who you are and what you can do for them. In often cases, this translates directly into sales and that’s why having a cohesive set of custom stationery designs are so important for any business.

Even with the large amount of emailing that occurs on a daily basis in today’s society, it’s guaranteed that you will still send a copious amount of printed material such as; letters and business cards to potential and current clients as well as business contacts in the form of invoices, sales announcements, follow-up connections and more. Each piece of mail should be branded with your logo since each and every correspondence is a way to get your name out there. A plain white sheet of printer paper is not going to impress anyone.

Now, many companies, especially small businesses, try to create stationery themselves using their computer’s word processor. This ends up looking unprofessional and conveys the wrong message to anyone who sees it. Homemade stationery says that your business is doing poorly and can’t afford professional correspondence products. This will in turn, have a negative effect, resulting in potential customers having a lack of faith in you. Even if you think you did a great job on homemade stationery, others will still be able to tell that it was done on the cheap. So be careful and think about the tone of voice and message you wish to send out to the public — graphic designers are trained to think about their target audience with each design brief they work on, so feel free to have a chat to us here at Designz by Jamz and we will assist you with your branded stationery sets. 

A professional graphic designer can also create impressive and cohesive stationery sets with unique colours, lines and designs to not only grab the recipient’s attention, but also to let your brand linger in their mind for when they need to sign up for your service or buy your product.

Designz by Jamz can create the perfect package for all of your correspondence, including response postcards and envelopes to name a few.  Contact the Creative Director at HERE to find out how a graphic designer can turn your ideas into reality.

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  1. Having the custom designs does actually help with brand recognition. I originally started out with a generically designed business card and some stationary only to be showed up by a competitor with the exact same design on his cards. It looked low class right away.

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