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Endorsing Your Business Via Social Media Business Cards

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For those who are looking for new business connections to look into what their business is about, social media business cards allow social savvy net-workers to merge their social media and trade information at one suitable platform. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and many other social networking sites have become the main stream for linking individuals online. If you don’t have a social media existence, then you are most definitely lowering your chances of being heard and found by many of your potential clientele. Today, majority of masses possess not only quire one social media profile, but two or more and interact on the sites on a daily basis.

Social media cards are mainly, business cards. Its chief focus is on you and your business services. Thus, text on the business card should be written to include your name, contact details, name of company and tagline portraying your services. Social media cards depict much more than your fundamental professional details. It also takes account of the social networking sites you utilize, usually specified by the social site icon succeeded by the address or user ID.

A business card is a medium in which corporate branding of a person or a business can be displayed; therefore, careful consideration should be given to promote your web media occurrence. You should cautiously pick the social media networking sites to list on your business card. Preferably, these networking sites should take account of the areas of your business where you would like your prospective clients business to associate, interact, communicate and visit on a regular basis.

There are ample options of networking sites that you can incorporate in your business cards.  Including all these sites in your card has the potential to overwhelm your clients. Some of the sites that you can put on your business card which are surely accessed by a large variety of people are Linkedln, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Myspace etc.


LinkedIn is a site especially designed for the professionals where you can generate your qualifications, work areas, references, recommendations and professional associations.


Facebook is the largest networking portal that tenders numerous leads to the professional. By accessing this site, millions of probable clients can get in touch with multiple business profiles.


While using Twitter, you can let your customers know about the modifications that took place in your company or about the services that you offer.


Pinterest is extremely beneficial for making your portfolio public, if you are a photographer or an enthusiastic admirer of photos.

It is advisable that you must carry out careful discretions about what details and information should be included and what should be put down in your social media business card.


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