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The Effects of Changing Your Logo Design — Rebranding

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Is your business logo out of date? Are the colours old-fashioned? Does your brand identity stand out from the crowd and your competition? As a business owner, these are important questions to constantly ask yourself… If you are looking to revamp your company’s image, redesigning your logo is the most vital step in the creation of an up-to-date image to attract potential customers and clients, utilising fresh marketing materials and designs. Altering your logo design will allow your customers and employees to take a fresh look at your brand and most likely be more relative.

The first step to redefining your logo is to have a clear idea and vision of the enhancements for the new version of your existing brand. Your new plan for your brand must be well-defined in order to be able to relay your creative sketches, ideas and thoughts of the re-brand to your graphic designer. Make sure that you go over your business’s personality, characteristics, the products and services offered by your business, desired target market and the factors that make your business competitive in the marketplace.

rebrandAfter you have undergone these crucial steps, you should hire a logo designer, such as Designz by Jamz, to work on the re-branding project. Start by presenting the designer with your old logo and explain how it fits into your old brand and values etc. Then present the logo designer with your new visions and concepts for the brand so that the designer can have a better understanding of what your ideas are and can craft an effective, updated logo design that matches the direction in which your business is going.

Remember, re-branding your business is a creative process that must be done carefully in order to avoid alienating your existing clientelle. When done correctly, a brand re-design can usually lead to more sales, a better impression of your business by customers and employees and finally a brand that is more aligned with your company’s goals and brand values.

After you have a new logo created, you must also complete the re-branding process by making sure that your designer keeps all of your other marketing materials and collateral consistent to the new image and identity. You should have any brochures, letterheads and flyers redone so that they match the new logo colors and design.

Are you considering redoing your logo? CONTACT US today and Designz by Jamz can help you bring your logo re-branding vision to life.


  1. I think that it is plausible that some companies fear changing their logo design, as they assume that consumers will not recognise it. However, the case is often that a change in logo design actually causes more consumers to take interest, and choose to purchase more as a result.

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