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Design Ideas And Direct Mail: It Is All In The Envelope

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When executing a direct mail campaign or even sending an invoice to a client, a spectacularly designed envelope can make a great impression. That little pocket of paper is the first physical interaction a client or potential customer may have with you these days. Details, really, are what will make an envelope stand out from the bland sameness of the classic whites or the boisterous peacocks, or coupon books. Designz by Jamz has compiled some helpful hints to follow in order to create eye-catching designs for your envelopes or direct mail materials.

Setting the stage for communicating with your client is at its most intimate when they are retrieving the contents of their mailbox. This moment, so simple, is your first greeting. Picking an envelope that has a different textured paper immediately draws the recipient’s attention, creating a tactile “hello!”

Deciding where you place your logo is the next big decision. Many companies will place their logos in the upper right hand corner, which is fine. We read from left to right and the eye picks it up in enough time. However, the entire envelope is a canvas; try enlarging the logo so that it uses more space or, set the logo in different places: along the bottom, in the centre, or just below the seal.

Choosing the correct teaser copy can be a wrenching decision. The phrase or slogan should not be too many words, and the typography has to be perfect. In fact, throughout the entire envelope, the text should be and consistent to your brand identity and values. Write a phrase that is short, sweet, and represents the voice of your business effectively.

For examples of inspirational direct mail campaigns, check out the WWF cotton campaign or Skype’s Rubik’s cube.

Contact us HERE and we will help you design envelopes for a direct mail campaign or personal use. With years of experience designing stationery for big name clients, we will be able to create an effective piece of design that will represent you and your voice. 

Below is another great example of a creative direct mail campaign for Ikea.

direct mail for Ikea


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