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Fundraising is the life blood for a variety of organisations and associations, and getting the attention of the general public and potential donors can be a pain of impressive dimensions if you don’t have a knowledgeable designer on your side.  Even in today’s digital world, print design appeals for attention, attendance or donations and remains the foremost method of communication with your target audience. 

grants-fundraisingOther effective channels for fundraising promotions is social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, as they are reasonably effective at reaching people quickly and in real-time. However, their ever-moving, ever-changing time lines also quickly move your message on down the road with little time for real consideration and messages can be missed

A well-designed brochure or flyer allows you to put something tangible in the hands of a potential donor, something in which they can ponder at their own leisure and not feel pressured to make an immediate decision. Too often, where pleas for time or money are concerned, insisting on an on-the-spot answer results an instant “no”. If you allow your prospect to think about it a little, perhaps so they can check their budget or schedule, then decide, your odds of success are better. So get creative with your promotional ideas in the lead up, during and post-fundraising event advertising. 

Even smaller non-profit organisations should have some design budget for periodic mailings or event programs, and that’s where the professional comes in. A good designer will work with your budget to create mailing pieces that are eye-catching and effective, moving your audience to respond in a positive way to your intended message. Even the colours chosen for the mailer design will play a major role in the response to the piece.  In addition, a clean, professional design will ensure your demographic that you are a serious, legitimate place to entrust funds, not a fly-by-night or scam operation of dubious integrity.  In the world of fund raising, there are times you have to make cuts, but don’t do it in fund raising.


Contact the Creative Director at to see what they can do for you and your organisation. We have worked with several businesses and fashion labels for charity fundraisers to aid with marketing in the lead up and post event promotions utilising graphic design skills and advertising knowledge.

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