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Colour Selections That Enhance The Visual Appeal Of Website Design

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Most Effective Colours For An Eye-Catching Website Design

As they say “content is king”,  along with images and subject matter being essential elements for website design — so is the choice of colour selection and colour palettes. Colours can make everything appear magnificent and enhance the visual experience for the viewer. Why do you think people enjoy good landscape or an excellent work of art? Simply for the reason that these scenes or views are visually appealing to the eye and we generally adore observing the colors and the manner in which the colors have been set by nature or in the case of website design, the graphic designer.

Correspondingly, a website design artist, employing specific colour palettes or different shades is a vital approach and decision that every website designer must become skilled at. Picking colours for your website is certainly a talent and if you become proficient in this, you will definitely attain the supremacy to influence your users’ sentiments and leave your viewers wanting to see more. Just be sure to take notice of where in the world your target audience and majority of viewers are located, as some colours can have multiple meanings and connotations, depending on the Eastern and Western cultures. 

Colors are the best approach to stimulate feelings and emotionsThere are mainly three wide groups in which the colors are classified. They are: Warm Colours, cool colours and neutral coloursFurther, some colors are categorized under these groups that can attract the visitors of your website.


Orange: The colour orange, signifies Halloween and harvesting; this color has the ability to set off an individual’s enthusiasm, happiness, creativity and determination. If your online business profile is associated to some eating place or restaurant, you’d positively feel like utilising this hue in your design, because similar to the colour red, it has been proven to increase a person’s appetite

Red: Red color can be a rather intense and thrilling colour and it is incorporated to demonstrate that something amazing is taking place on your website. This colour has the maximum ability to grab the attention of the audience and thus, is called “attention– getter”. Perhaps an element on your website that has a sense or urgency or a call to action, red would be a desirable choice. It is generally brought in to play to symbolize strong feelings like love, desire, eagerness and many more. It is also used for restaurants and take-away sites, similar to orange as it is seen to increase appetite, due to the warm nature of the hue.


Blue: Blue is an extremely soothing and persuading colour that creates a calming effect. When it is applied in a certain manner, it can convey the impression of depth, stability, intellect and confidence. Other than the more obvious choices, such as ocean, water and sky symbolism, this colour is often used as it is known to be beneficial to the mind and body

Green: The colour green stands for wealth, thus, it is connected with the emotions like envy. Excluding this, green shade is a fine approach to signify all that is innate or fresh. It is also a hue used for many health, well-being and nature connotations — green has great healing power.


White: The colour of white often represents peace, purity and perfection. It immediately furnishes a sentiment of transparency and tranquility. In a lot of advertising, it is used to denote cleanliness, coolness and high-tech products. In the eastern tradition, this color symbolizes fatality whereas in western tradition, white is the color of trust and marriage. 

Grey: Almost all the shades of the colour grey indicate honesty, balance and traditional values. It is a timeless and practical colour with a level of sophistication — one that is typically trade– explicit and demonstrates a stern character

As you can see there is a great deal of ‘behind the scenes’ information to consider when selecting your colour scheme for your business, brand and your website’s matter or representation. So, why not experiment and play with different colour palettes to create and reveal a memorable business website. Discover the magic and power of colour with design!

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  1. The choice of color is powerful. Just look at Macys with their one single star and bright red color choice! It makes a bold impact on their ads.

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