9 Reasons Why it’s Great to be a Graphic Designer…

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1. You can express your creativity.
The profession of graphic design is a great chance to show to the world your creativity. The good thing about this is you can learn whilst expressing your ideas through art and design.
2. Variation of work.
There are always different mediums and fields in which the application of your design work will be displayed.
3. High demand.
Most businesses, whether online or offline, require the services of a graphic designer. Graphic design is the sole point of contact between a potential customer and a company. Until a person decides to engage with the organisation, design is all they see, all they know, and they have to relate to. And that is what makes graphic design a vital component to any business.
4. Freelance.
You can manage your own time and apply on various freelance jobs online, for example ODesk or
5. You can work anywhere.
As long as you have your loyal Mac Book Pro with you, you can still work, no matter where you are in the world!
6. You can learn on your own.
You really don’t have to spend money to learn. There are many online tutorials that could help you learn various designing software, tips and tricks.
7. Online marketing.
The internet is rich with the design visual communications communities.
8. It is never boring.
Graphic design work is always different and changing, whether it be through choice of medium, deliverable or style of the creative brief for example.
9. Gives you freedom.
Graphic designers can work anywhere in the world… whenever!!

~Designz by Jamz~

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