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3 Ways to Afford Professional Graphic Design

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Many businesses design their own business cards, brochures, flyers, logos and more because they generally think that they cannot afford to hire a professional graphic designer. Well, it’s all in the way you look at things… Chances are you can fit these services into your budget, no matter the size of your business. Here are some helpful tips to show how you can afford professional graphic design:

1. Time is Money

Time is Money

The old saying goes, “Time is money.” This is true for any business. One way of considering if you can afford a graphic designer is weighing how much your time is worth. Figure out how much you can budget for a graphic designer by asking yourself how much are you paid per hour? How many hours would it take you to design that promotional item?

Chances are, you could take the money you would have spent paying yourself and spend it on a professional, instead. You’ll thank yourself later and that way you will be able to focus on your own expertise, opening up more time to get through your ‘to do’ list. Feel content knowing that your marketing materials are in the hands of a professional designer.

2. Tax Write-Off

Every business likes to take advantage of as many tax breaks as they can, so it makes sense to count hiring a graphic designer as a tax write-off for your business. This type of write-off is often listed in business expenses as a promotional or advertising fee. Ask your tax expert for more information.

3. Raise a Little

Your third option is a simple one. Simply raise the prices of your items by a few cents each to offset the cost of hiring a graphic designer. To find out how long it will take you to make back your investment, simply find the number of products you sell in a month and multiply that number by how much you raised your prices. Then, divide the price of the graphic design services by that number. The answer will be the number of months until you pay off the service.

If you have any other questions or for more information on graphic design fees please contact our Creative Director.


  1. I especially like your first point regarding time and money. I often forget the amount of time that I am saving by hiring someone else to do a professional web/graphic design for me, and often falsely consider it an over-priced service. Thanks for reminding me just how valuable their service is for both my time and money.

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