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12 Design Apps for Creatives

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If you are thinking of becoming a designer, photographer, illustrator — perhaps you already are one or you just enjoy being creative as a hobby, you will dwell in a sphere filled with graphics, colors with the latest technology. You must have heard the phrase “good things come in small packages”, well in this case, today’s amazing ranges of smartphones and tablets — Android and Apple to name a few,  provide designers and creatives the opportunity to experiment, learn, play and utilise the applications installed on the device to enhance the user’s experience, skills and knowledge. Below are 12 examples of creative applications well worth looking into.

Creative Apps12 Creative Apps You Will Want To Download:

SKETCHBOOK - This is a professional grade paint and drawing application suitable for the iPad. Whether you like to doodle or perhaps you are a trained illustrator, this app will transform you iPad into the ultimate sketchbook. Sketchbook Pro is also available.

PAPER CAMERAThis app offers you with real time display effects to create a number of stylised images with the camera on your phone or tablet. Get creative!

SKITCH - Developed by Evernote, this app has all that is needed for a innovative communicator. This app allows you to communicate to your friends, family or co-workers in a fun and visual manner. You click a picture and play with it it using several tools provided by the app. Also a great tool for initiating design ideas or concepts.

COLOR SCHEMER STUDIONot only is this app an amazing tool for building color palettes to use on web pages and templates, it also offers you a wide range of precise tools to improvise your designs but also gives you an opportunity to share them with a community called color lovers.

PALETTES PRO -  This is a powerful tool for productivity and efficiency with colour and design. A colour catch your eye? Grab colours on the go from websites, photos, or simply add your own colours from a myriad selection into your own customised colour palette.

DESIGN PAD — Maker of QuarkXPress, this app allows you to create layouts using grid-based design controlled from the palm of your hand.

ADOBE TOUCH AND ADOBE COLLAGE - This creative app allows you to design or personalise your own mood boards, by combining images, text, video and drawings. Great for designers or fashion designers to initiate ideas for a concept.

DRIBBBLR - This beautifully styled app allows you to browse the latest works of famous designers worldwide from your iPad. Other designers and creatives may source inspiration for their work within this visual app amongst the creative community. There is no need to have an account with Dribbblr.

FONT BOOK A comprehensive app for documenting and comparing typefaces, including evolving and new releases of fonts — a great tool for graphic designers.

FRAMETATIC - Frame your photos into treasured memories.  Design your own compositions, apply filtered themes or effects onto individual images and create a work of art to share with your family and friends.

DESIGN SPRING — Whether you are a designer or not, looking for creative inspiration on the spot can sometime prove a challenge — Design Spring, created by Creative Bloq will be sure to have something for you…even on a daily basis to swipe through.

Just for fun:

DRAW SOMETHING - Similar to the infamous Pictionary game, in the palm of your hand, this app is one of the most popular social drawing and guessing game apps out there. How good are your drawing skills?

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