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10 Reasons Small Businesses Need A Brand Identity

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If you are the owner of a business and you want to compete successfully, your brand identity must stand out from the crowd. Designz by Jamz has compiled ten reasons why having a brand identity will make the success of your business possible.

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1. Show That Your Business Is Well Established

Having a brand identity indicates to customers that your business is well-established. Customers will not worry about doing business with you because they can see that you are reliable, professional and committed.

2. Look Bigger Than You Are — Make your first impression count!

A brand identity is the first point of contact usually, for customers to see your business. If designed well, it can give the impression and appearance to make the business  look larger (more active, reliable and credible) than it actually is in terms of size and influence in your industry. 

3. Improve Your Chances With Investors

Investors generally look for a number of elements from businesses that they chose to invest in and one of those important factors is that the brand is well established. A branding identity can make this possible.

4. Gain Recognition From Customers

A strong brand identity will make your company easy to remember for customers — this is also known as consumer recall.

5. Show Pride In Your Company

Your brand identity indicates just how important your company is to the owners and employees. This can also aid in boosting employee morale which is always beneficial in any operating business. 

6. Compete Against the Big Boys

A strong brand identity can help your company to become a strong competitor in the given industry. How do you stand out yourself from the crowd to be noticed by your target market? 

7. Show Your Company’s Personality

Your brand identity can communicate your company’s personality, values, characteristics and services through colour, font, imagery, logo — all to speak to your potential customers to let them know what your company is all about. The brand message and brand personality. 

8. Increase Credibility

Customers want interact with businesses that look like they can be trusted and valued — credible. This comes back to point number 2 again. 

9. Attract More Sales

A strong brand identity ultimately, in the long run can effectively grow sales and profit.

10. Show Why You Are Different From the Rest

A strong brand identity can show why your company is different from competitors. So think outside the box! 


Do you need assistance with revamping the image of your business or defining a branding identity for your business? Designz By Jamz can help! Give us a call now or click here to send us an email and we can help you to redefine your brand to more closely align with your goals for your business.

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